Harold: The Game


The Egg
(Bath, Angleterre)

Vélo Théâtre
(Apt, France)

Bob Théâtre
(Rennes, France)

Contacts Vélo:

Sébastien Lauro Lillo,
+33 (0)4 90 04 85 25

Charlot Lemoine,
+33 (0)6 11 64 01 71

theater & object
all public, from 9 years old – length: 1hr

Rina Vergano, an English lady, submits an idea for a show about the Bayeux Tapestry to Kate Cross, another English lady, director of The Egg Theatre in Bath.

Kate Cross invites Vélo and Bob to work on the project.

Vélo, Bob and the Egg go to Bayeux to see the tapestry and they imagine the game in a tiny arena surrounded by two camps of spectators facing each other.

Earth is the essential element in the centre of the arena. Earth is where we build borders, it’s our playground, where we are buried, where we plant our roots. Earth belongs to us: the earth we conquer is that which changes into mud under our boots and barrows.

Velo and Bob want war music with strong, powerful and epic sounds. They want to recreate the fever of the stadium, the sweat of the players. The live musicians compete in a duel.

Vélo and Bob have the fantastic idea to…

We re-enact the battle for the English kingdom by William the conqueror in 1066, told to us through the Bayeux tapestry. We are examining this tapestry, with all its seams and threads, a magnificent object of propaganda (in which the end is missing). By passing a camel through the eye of a needle, in bad faith, we embroider a canvas of irrefutable evidence.