Vélo Théâtre was started by Charlot Lemoine and Tania Castaing in 1981, in Angers, France. They create  performances based on images with few or no words, feeling that actors can interpret objets and a series of objects, just as they can interpret words and phrases. Emotions are born of the fragile relationship that the actor establishes with the objects he brings to life on stage. The audience is invited into this intimate relationship. Vélo Théâtre, and other companies working along the same lines,  invented a common voculabary,a new expression was born: “le Théâtre d’Objet” or “Object Theater”.

Since the beginning Velo Théâtre find its momentum by inspiration, touring regularly in France and abroad, the joy of manipulating objects still persists, intact and intense. Parrallel to the activity in Apt (France), the company continues creating new shows, offering its silent imagination and the pleasure performing to diverse public.
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