Directed by Francesca Bettini
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The story is the house…
This small, fragile, protective house becomes the stage of our fears when the wolf looms outside. A visual théâtre piece using objects as a vocabulary, exploring the poetry and the symbolism of the house.  
The house is the story…

The wolf is in no hurry, his jaws are the cogged wheels of Time, he is just waiting  his chance !  His halting breath fills the air with forbidden desire.

He is proud of his genealogy, going back as far as the god Saturn who ate his children, and even further to Anubis the Egyptian dog, gardien of the kingdom of the dead.   
To satisfy his devouring passion, he asks us to continue telling stories in which he is the hero. Next to him his manservant, originally from wonderland. He is a contriving rabbit,  constantly running between two worlds, trying to gain time.

He is the guardien and manipulater who holds the key to this house.

Christine remembers everything in this illuminated house.
She advances softly, walking slowly traversing time… talking to us.  
It might have been a fairy tail as we all seem to know.
But does anybody really knows what happenend ?...

And then… he ate me  is like an illustrated book, a theatre of images and Emotions.


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