It’s in 1981 That the company is founded by Charlot Lemoine and Tania Castaing. Their first show takes place on an old english butchers bike. Rapidly this show which uses objects and miniature marionnettes becomes a point of reference and gives the company it’s name « Vélo Théâtre ».

In 1985 The company leaves the maine et Loire and installs in the south east of France in the Vaucluse. Their poetic universe is recognised in numerous festivals in France and abroad.

In 1992 the company rents an old fruit preserving factory in apt to create a new show. The Theatre Massalia of Marseille coproduces this work and contributes to setting up the first public performances. The town council of Apt confirms his interest and signs a longterm renewable contract with the company. This is followed by support from Departmental, Regional and National bodies. Vélo Théâtre is designated a « Regional Pole for Cultural Development ».

Thus begins a pilot sheme, linking artistic research, companys in residence, experiments in artisticic mentoring and presenting performing and visual arts.

The team grows…. Vélo Théâtre, now affectionately  called  “le Vélo” (bicycle) has developed into a  true “nursery of ideas”, a space for both artists and their audience to meet, a melting pot for new emotions  and ideas. Under an immense wooden beamed roof imposing and generous like a starry night, artistes from France and abroad are invited to become part of “le Vélo” for the duration of their residency. Performances, concerts, exhibitions and collaborative projects among artists are developed. The place itself has become one of the mainstays  of the cultural life in Apt and the surrounding communities.

The Vaucluse General Council name Vélo Théâtre as the head of the « Depertmental Pole for Artistic Creation ».

Thus as the Vélo in Apt lives and vibrates with its daily adventures, the company continues creating and touring new performances which are like a scientific poems, to be discovered through a magnifying glass or a telescope.
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