Artists and performing arts companys are invited for a residency either for the entire time they are developing a new project or for a certain moment during their work. The length of time is decided together depending on the nature of their project. It can be split into several periods during the year.

What does a residency with Vélo  mean ?
During a residency, the artist or company can benefit from artistic and / or tecnhincal companionship depending upon their desires and needs. Sometimes with the artistic eyes of the company. The invited artists have at their diposition , depending on their projects, a theatre work space as well as a house in the village of Caseneuve (about 10K from Apt).

Depending on the performance and the posiblities of the artists, there is, in general, in return : a public performance,  open workshops, or other forms of meeting the local population.

A centre of artistic resources.
The year long presence of different artists enable them to share their work in progress. This permits the organisation of performing arts workshops in a variety of domains and gives the public a better understanding of the artistic process it also conducive to elaborating new projects.

How are the projects selected ?
The selection of projects usually results from exchanges and meetings between the Vélo team, the artists and their work. There is no objective, esthetic criteria or priorities, but rather certain affinitys with the artists.

Companies at present in residence rendez-vous

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