Artistic Residencies

Artistic residencies and companionship: Vélo Théâtre supports production, research and artistic experimentation

A residence at Vélo Théâtre consists in housing an artist or a company for at least 2 weeks, providing various means depending on the project. Residents benefit from the place in working order, technical support, accommodation and financial assistance for the duration of the stay, the amount of which is set according to annual budgets. The Vélo Théâtre team brings its artistic and administrative expertise, acquired through its experience as a company and a venue for shows. Residencies (on average 13 per year) are open to professional artists alone or as a company (local, national or international). Vélo Théâtre considers productions and artists who share the same philosophy. The proximity that Vélo Théâtre has with the inhabitants enables exchanges during open rehearsals, as well as participative experiences with the spectators or presentation of work in progress.

Estimated schedule of 2020 residencies:

January 20-31st > “Dans le manteau d’Augustine” TOURNIFLEX (Sud)
March 10-20th > “Harold: The Game” BOB THEATRE (Bretagne) & VELO THEATRE (Sud)
June 8-13th > “Cabaret BastärdEs ” CHIENDENT THEATRE (Sud)
July 6-17th > “Le conte de Mère Pince” DU SABLE DANS LE MAILLOT (Sud)
August 31st – september 5th > “Les suites prométhéennes” THEATRE INUTILE (Hauts-de-France)
September 7-18th > “Le complexe de l’autruche” COURCIRKOUI (Sud)
September 21-25th > “Un temps pour toi”COMPAGNIE DU PESTACLE (Sud)
September 28th – october 9th > “Rebetiko” ANIMA THEATRE (Sud)
October 13-23rd > “Les dents de la sagesse” NIDS DHOM (Bretagne)
October 27-30th > “Le feu de l’action” GROUPE N+1 / LES ATELIERS DU SPECTACLE (Ile-de-France)
December 1-5th > “Intérieur- table” Cie EMILE SAAR
December 8-11th > “Le feu de l’action” GROUPE N+1 / LES ATELIERS DU SPECTACLE (Ile-de-France)

The Vélo Théâtre is also among the eight companies commissioned for the companionship (LCMC) puppet object theater by the Ministry of Culture in France, thus offering a national network of exchanges and allowing circulation of artists-companions. Within the framework of a three-year agreement, this kind of long term support, without limiting itself to performing the production of a new show, deals with the whole development of the artist’s practice. The purpose of the companionship is to help young artists to improve their creative and writing skills, providing them with a space, allowing them to experiment, to test and confront the public. This initiative is primarily designed for individual artists or companies working in the field of object and puppet theater, in a spirit of openness and crossover with other artistic languages. At most, two artists or companies can be supported for a period of three years.

Current Artists-Companions:

Clément Montagnier / TAC TAC / 2017-2019
Magali Rousseau / L’insolite mécanique / 2018-2021