The artistic Policy

The project of Vélo Théâtre,
through its own productions
as well as through the House of Artists for Object Theater, the Companionship and Crossing of the Arts
that it makes live,




Our own productions

Vélo Théâtre is both the heart of the project, and the engine of many collaborations. It is part of a long-lasting relationship between many artists and a place. The vitality, the merry-go-round and the infusion of ideas between the different actions reinforce the overall plan. In its creative work, the Vélo Théâtre surrounds itself with a faithful team and works in other creators (musicians, visual artists, playwrights …).

The companionship

It is the support of an artist by another artist in the artistic, technical and administrative fields. Within the framework of a three-years agreement, this kind of long term support, without limiting itself to performing the production of a new show, deals with the whole development of the artist’s practice. The purpose of the companionship is to help young artists to improve their creative and writing skills, providing them with a space, allowing them to experiment, to test and to confront the public. This initiative is primarily designed for individual artists or companies working in the field of object and puppet theater, in a spirit of openness and crossover with other artistic languages. At most, two artists or companies can be supported for a period of three years. The Vélo Théâtre is among the eight companies commissioned for the companionship (LCMC) puppet object theater by the Ministry of Culture in France, thus offering a national network of exchanges and allowing circulations to artists-companions.

The artists-companions of Vélo Théâtre:

Elise Vigneron / Théâtre de l’Entrouvert / 2008-2011
Balthazar Daninos / Les Ateliers du Spectacle, groupe n+1 / 2011-2014
Yvan Corbineau / Le 7 au soir / 2014-2017
Stéphanie Saint-Cyr Lariflette / Chiendent Théâtre / 2015-2018
Clément Montagnier / TAC TAC / 2017-2019
Magali Rousseau / L’insolite mécanique / 2018-2021

Artistic residencies

A residence at Vélo Théâtre consists in housing an artist or a company for at least fifteen days, and in providing means that vary depending on the project. Residents benefit from the place in working order, technical support, accommodation and financial assistance for the duration of the stay, the amount of which is set according to annual budgets. The Vélo Théâtre team brings its artistic and administrative expertise, acquired through its experience as a company and a venue for shows. Residencies (on average 13 per year) are open to professional artists alone or in company (local, national or international). Vélo Théâtre considers productions and artists whose approach and philosophy are part of both the spirit of the place, but also in its overall artistic policy. Because of the proximity it has with the inhabitants, Vélo Théâtre organizes an exchange during rehearsals open to the public, as well as participative experiences with the spectators or presentation of work in progress at the end of the residency sessions.

Companies hosted in artistic residency at the Vélo Théâtre (non-exhaustive list …):

Anima Théâtre (PACA)
Compagnie Clair-obscur (PACA)
Compagnie Clandestine
Compagnie de l’échelle (Occitanie)
Compagnie des Accès (PACA)
Compagnie Histoire De (PACA)
Espégéca (Occitanie)
Gare centrale (Belgique)
Inouï Productions (PACA)
L’atypique Cie (PACA)
L’insolite mécanique (Île-de-France)
L’oreille buissonnière (PACA)
La robe à l’envers (PACA)
Le Grand Manitou (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)
Les ateliers du spectacle (Île-de-France)
Lili désastres (Pays de la Loire)
[lodudo] produccion (Occitanie)
Morbus Théâtre (Île-de-France)
Naï No Productions (PACA)
Qui-Bout ! (PACA)
Shona Reppe Puppets (Écosse)
Subito Presto (PACA)
(Occitanie / PACA)
Teatro del Piccione (Italie)
Théâtre de l’Entrouvert (PACA)
Une idée dans l’air (PACA)


The program at Vélo Théâtre concerns the repertoire of the company Vélo Théâtre, companies hosted in artistic residencies and artists-companions, but also remains open to any proposal in resonance with the overall artistic policy.

The program mixes avant-premières, productions in progress, transdisciplinary proposals and any other coherent work. Often the fruit of existing collaborations and partnerships with other structures, these proposals are aimed at all audiences, including children and their families. Particularly at the Greli Grelo Biennale.

The presence of creators in the daily life of the Pays d’Apt-Luberon and its inhabitants gives to artists an important place in the heart of the city.


Through unique artistic and poetic approaches, Vélo Théâtre intends to bring a new perspective on the city, and allow people to build their place as citizens. Theatrical forms contain a political dimension that must be promoted. Vélo Théâtre pays particular attention to addressing the so-called “priority” social group of the territory, and especially to the youngest.

The aim is to involve, through the children, the whole family. At the nursery, school, college and high school or out of school time, the presence of artists in the place develops creative actions always in motion. The many partnerships and collaborations woven over the years, with local associations, social and cultural structures, contribute to put the forces in common, and to design more ambitious plans.