Object Theater

Since 1981, the Vélo Théâtre offers shows based on the image. Its founders, visual artists Tania Castaing and Charlot Lemoine, believe, with other creators, that if the actor can interpret a word, a sentence, he can also interpret an object, a series of objects. The emotion is created through the fragile relationship established with the objects he brings to life on stage. The public is invited to enter into the intimacy of this relationship. A new vocabulary, a new mode of expression has emerged: Object Theater, of which Tania Castaing and Charlot Lemoine are among the precursors in Europe. Their first show takes place on an old English delivery bike. Very quickly this show involving miniature objects and puppets becomes a show of reference and gives its name to the company “Vélo Théâtre”.

From the beginning, while they are based in Maine-et-Loire, and from 1985 in Vaucluse, this field of expression allows “the Vélos” and their poetic universe to gain international recognition and to travel the world with their productions. In a vast theatrical landscape, the Vélo Théâtre has imposed a strong artistic signature, unique in France and in Europe.

Object Theater, a recent artistic language at the crossroads of the visual arts and the stage, it represents a contemporary field of creation and an exceptional pedagogical vector with multiple and varied applications. The new dramaturgies associated with all types of “puppets”, the manipulation of materials, objects and images have transformed the prejudices that sometimes suffered this art.

Visible manipulation, object theater, or digital arts are radically different from traditional theatrical aesthetics. These practices have favored the emergence of a new public and a renewed artistic field. The artist is here an actor-performer, often a director. He extends his gesture to all forms of live performance to transpose it into a singular art.

In 1992, a new production in progress led the “Vélos” to rent an old candied fruit factory in the city of Apt: it was the beginning of a pilot experiment associating researches, artistic residencies, experimentation and diffusion of shows. The city of Apt shows its willingness to support the Vélo Théâtre in its projects on this site by signing a multi-year convention. It is soon joined by the State, the PACA Region and the Department of Vaucluse. The Vélo Théâtre becomes Regional Center for Cultural Development.

In 2017, the Vélo Théâtre becomes the first Object Theatre “Scène Conventionnée” of Provence-Alpes Côte-d’Azur. Awarded by the Ministry of Culture, this recognition highlights the actions in a particular artistic field. For “the Vélos”, it is an encouragement to develop Arts crossing and to support artists who make and experiment new works.