Workshops & educative Action

Since the beginning, Vélo Théâtre has been offering artistic workshops: theater classes, dance, puppet discovery, participative activities … That transdisciplinary artistic policy, imagined most of the time with local or national partners (social centers, associations, companies …), sensitizes the public, especially young people, to the arts of today, by offering a participative approach. It pushes the participants to become actors, also promoting a better understanding of the paths that can be taken.
The space offered by the venue also allows the Vélo Théâtre to host exhibitions that contribute to its artistic and educative action.

janvier-février 2021 > Stage AFDAS “Théâtre d’objet : qui joue ? L’acteur ou l’objet ?” THEATRE DE CUISINE
12 décembre 2020 > Stage théâtre d’objet avec Clément Montagnier TAC TAC
octobre 2020-juillet 2021 > Atelier de théâtre ados et adultes DEBRID’ARTS