Charlot Lemoine,
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Charlot Lemoine and Tania Castaing offer image-based shows, thinking with other creators that if the actor can interpret a word, a sentence, he can also interpret an object or a series of objects. The emotion arises from the fragile relationship that the actor establishes with the objects he brings to life on stage. The public is invited to enter into the intimacy of this relationship. A new vocabulary, a new mode of expression is born: « Object theater » of which Vélo Théâtre is one of the precursors in Europe. In a vast theatrical landscape, the Vélo Théâtre has imposed a strong artistic signature, unique in France and in Europe.
Charlot Lemoine and Tania Castaing offer their sensitivity and their artistic view to the companies that Vélo Théâtre hosts in residencies and they communicate their experience in a more formal way during professional training courses, in France and abroad as part of their tour and programs of artistic and cultural cooperation.