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Professional Networks

Vélo Théâtre is a crossroad of creation, a place of life: multidisciplinary artists meet here on a daily basis. These informal meetings take place at the same time as public performances, but they also contribute to the creative and productive capacities of the place. In its flexible and warm spaces, Vélo Théâtre hosts various professional […]

The artistic Policy

The project of Vélo Théâtre, through its own productions as well as through the House of Artists for Object Theater, the Companionship and Crossing of the Arts that it makes live, is TO MAKE OUR DAILY LIFE POETIC   BY SUPPORTING PRODUCTION, RESEARCH AND ARTISTIC EXPERIMENTATION Our own productions Vélo Théâtre is both the heart […]

Object Theater

Since 1981, the Vélo Théâtre offers shows based on the image. Its founders, visual artists Tania Castaing and Charlot Lemoine, believe, with other creators, that if the actor can interpret a word, a sentence, he can also interpret an object, a series of objects. The emotion is created through the fragile relationship established with the […]