Les Cris poétiques

Les Cris poétiques: an open stage for contemporary poetry

Since May 2005, in close collaboration with Jean de Breyne, poet and founder of the contemporary art and literature review “Galerie l’Ollave“, Les Cris poétiques give voice to poets who read texts (often their own) on stage.

Les Cris poétiques invite contemporary poets, speaking both in writing and orally, at the crossroads of the arts: poetic and scenic writing, performance, video, sound experimentation and object poetry. They carry a poetry that, without renouncing the timeless, is grounded in its time, written and spoken every day language.

Florence Pazzottu, a poet living in Marseille, joined Les Cris poétiques in 2015. This renewed collaboration projects the event into new ambitions, such as the creation of residencies of authors.

A partnership with the public library of Apt médiathèque La Halle aux Grains aims to the constitution of a unique contemporary poetry fund in Pays d’Apt-Luberon.


2005-2019: poets on stage during 30 Cris poétiques

Jacques Ancet, Amandine André, Alin Anseeuw, Giney Ayme, Luc Baba (Belgique), Alain Badiou, Hervé Bauer, Serge Bec, Patrick Beurard-Valdoye (+ 1 hors-série), Julien Blaine, Béatrice Bonhomme, Guillaume Boppe, Jean de Breyne, Mathias de Breyne, Hervé Brunaux, Marina Cedro (Argentine), David Christoffel, Roger Dextre, Patrick Dubost, Marc Dumas, Michel Foissier, Denis Frajerman, Bruno Geneste, Liliane Giraudon, Jean-Marie Gleize, Fred Griot, Laurent Guenat (Suisse), Frédérique Guétat-Liviani, Claude Held, Joël Hubaut, Andrea Iacovella, Anne-Marie Jeanjean, Françoise Johnen (Belgique), Charles Juliet, Nina Kibuanda (Kinshasa), Emmanuel Laugier, Sabine Macher, Gregorio Manzur (Argentine), Dominique Massaut (Belgique), Jacqueline Merville, Michèle Métail, Yvan Mignot, Catherine Monin, Bernard Noël, Maxime-Hortense Pascal, Florence Pazzottu, Juliette Penblanc, Virginie Poitrasson, Christian Prigent, Germain Roesz, Caroline Sagot Duvauroux, Annie Salager, Esther Salmona, Hélène Sanguinetti, Sacha Steurer, Lucien Suel, Jean-Marc Templeraud, Vincent Tholomé (Belgique), André Ughetto, Bernard Vargaftig, Véronique Vassiliou, Jean-Pierre Verheggen (Belgique), Jean-Jacques Viton