The real fake object theater conference


Touring contact:
Aurélie Aloy
+33 (0)6 74 77 04 42

all audiences, from 12 years old – duration: 1 hour

During the 2017 edition of the Charleville-Mézières World Puppet Theater Festival, Agnès Limbos invited her friends at the origin of this term to give a Real False Conference on “object theater”. Object theater is not an easy task and if Shakespeare waited five centuries to adapt to it, it is undoubtedly not for nothing…

On the large stage, everything is a matter of play: the space itself, the expectations of the spectators, the so-called “historical” chair by Kantor, the so-called “empty” space by Peter Brook, the table, the interior and the outside, the story itself, the breakups, the letters and addresses, and the asides, the stories we tell and the breakdowns of the situation, up to the crazy laughter shared by the spectators and a real-false catharsis … “Who is there?”, the question resonates in all tones. “Who is there?”, appearances-disappearances, surprises, substitution of bodies and objects. A cup of coffee is shared around a table and the scene is replayed, sometimes told, played by the bodies, evoked by the objects… Who is there? Who on set? Who in the room?

Today, here are the eight actresses and actors ready to once again share their true false discoveries with each other, and especially with the public.

The Vélo Théâtre années n+1, scène conventionnée pour le théâtre d’objet et le croisement des arts et des sciences, is responsible for the delegated production of the revival of The Real Fake Object Theater Conference. Première: Friday November 22, 2024 at the Vélo Théâtre in Apt.

with Tania Castaing, Charlot Lemoine, Agnès Limbos, Katy Deville, Jacques Templeraud, José Lopez, Gyula Molnár, Francesca Bettini and Christian Carrignon

Delegated production Vélo Théâtre années n+1