Appel d’air

Vélo Théâtre

Touring contact:
Aurélie Aloy
+33 (0)6 74 77 04 42

object theatre 
for all audiences from 10 years old – during: 1h15

An extreme situation, between heaven and earth, between life and death, one is lost for a night in the madness of solitude.

Suddenly the room becomes the cabin of a boat, the bed an ice field filled with penguins.The lost man makes his miniature cinema where objects come to life.

He dominates, manipulates them like a mad king full of his power which he knows is artificial. But in this confined space, in the form of a childish game, the man will make a real decision – he will give himself up to the void. Whether he falls or flies, the call of the air and of the sea have made him free.

A show created by  Charlot Lemoine & Tania Castaing
2020 production with José Lopez, Charlot Lemoine & Fabien Cartalade

Galerie photo

What is said about it…

“De l’air entre 4 murs”,
Report from Télévision Canal Alpha during the MarionNEttes festival in Neuchâtel, October 2021