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Friday, December 18th “Petite montagne”

Naï Nô Production (Région Sud) Creative music – all public from 14 years old – length: 40′ “PETITE MONTAGNE” “Little Mountain” is a solo that Pascal Charrier wrote for a folk guitar with modified tuning. An evocation of imaginary songs by shepherds from southern Europe … “Petite Montagne” est un solo que Pascal Charrier a […]

Saturday, June 5th “Intérieur – table”

Emile Saar (Région Sud) Theater and cinema – all public from 12 years old – length: 90′ “INTERIEUR – TABLE” (SUR LE JOUR FUGACE) “Interior – table” is inspired by film scenes to treat, without any chronology, the meal itself and all its off-screen: what we do not see, what we guess, everything that structures […]

Thursday, October 8th “Rebetiko”

Anima Théâtre (Région Sud) Hand puppets, holographic projections, video and live music – all public from 9 years old – length: 1hr “REBETIKO” Imagined as an odyssey, “Rebetiko” tells the story of forced uprooting. Conçu comme une odyssée, “Rebetiko” raconte l’histoire d’un déracinement forcé. Dans cette fiction au sein de laquelle passé et présent se […]